Monday, 27 November 2017

Homeschooling While Pregnant

You may have seen in my last post that we are expecting a new baby! While we are super excited being pregnant comes with it's own set of challenges. Namely my ability to function as a normal non-pregnant human.

We have been lucky this time around, last time I was working full time and along with the normal pregnancy stuff I also developed gallstones at about 14 weeks, I spent the rest of my pregnancy sick and in terrible pain. This time I would say this has been a very "normal" pregnancy. In the beginning I had a bit of morning sickness but nothing too major, the fatigue was pretty intense and now that the end is drawing closer the heartburn can be difficult to manage but all in all and compared to last time this pregnancy has been pretty happy-go-lucky.

While I'm not working this time around I do have a 6 year old who depends on me, not just for the normal stuff like food, water, clean clothes etc, but also for her education. She is always keen to pick up a book and "Do school" however some days for me it has been really tough. There have been a few things that we have been doing over the last 6 months to make sure that school is still ticking over and learning is still happening so I thought I would share some of those things with you.

Computer School: We normally don't do a lot of homeschooling on the computer/tablet but it has been so helpful during this phase of our lives. I downloaded a bunch of cool apps (If you want a list of cool free apps let me know) and sometimes Abby will ask to do some 'computer school'

Friends/Family: We are really lucky to have awesome friends and family. We have been outsourcing to them. Abby has done electronics with her granddad, spent beach days with cousins and played cards with grandma.

Outside Activities: We have made Abby's activities a lot easier to manage, we have taken a couple of terms off the activities we have to travel into the city for and become more involved with ones closer to home. She is still doing the same amount of activities each week but it's been a lot easier on me not to have to travel as much.

Current Unit Study- How baby's grow: Abby is so excited about having a little brother or sister and we have taken this and turned it into a real life learning opportunity. Abby has seen ultrasounds, heard the baby's heartbeat and seen me get a blood test. I have an app on my phone and together each week we read about all the things that are going on inside my tummy.

All in all we are making it work. Abby is right on track to where she needs to be and our family is still so pleased with our decision to home educate. For us home education will look different at different phases of our lives and we will flex and mold it to what our children need.

If you have any advice for this upcoming season in our lives (homeschooling with a baby) please let me know I would love to hear it!

Robin xx

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