Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I take my kid to restaurants- get over it!

There has been a whole lot of talk about why you should/shouldn't take your kids to cafes, restaurants or other public places. Because ooo they might upset other people trying to drink their coffee or eat their meals. I'm sorry/not sorry get over it.

Children are people and have just as much of a right to be there as anyone else does. Obviously I'm not taking my kid to bars at 10pm on a Friday night but we go out for dinner at our local pub/restaurant, go out for brunch, coffee etc and have never had an issue with her upsetting other patrons. We have always taken our daughter out with us and in turn she really enjoys going out to eat. There are things we always do to be considerate of other people, we go out early for dinner normally between 5:30 and 7:30, this is so our daughter isn't too tired and we get in and out before the 'date night', 'boys/girls night', 'drunk and loud people' groups who normally start to arrive after 8. We have always taught our daughter about acceptable levels of noise (most of the time adults on the next table are far louder than us anyway), we always keep her busy until the food arrives, either with conversations or when she was smaller a toy, a pencil and paper etc. It has always been an expectation that once we are seated we stay in our seats, I don't think it's acceptable or safe for my daughter to be walking around the restaurant talking to strangers, or getting in the way of a server who most of the time is carrying around hot food that could spill and burn her.

In my mind you can't please everybody, yes children make noise but so do adults. I have many times been on date night with my husband and had an overly noisy, drunk or impolite table next to mine. But that's part of the territory right? That's part of existing in a public space. As far as I'm concerned the thought that 'Children should be seen and not heard' is bullshit and it's time we started treating children as people. Small people who are learning. If a child never gets the opportunity to learn and the parent never gets the opportunity to teach, how is that a win for society?!

I have heard this argument too "Parents shouldn't bring their screaming babies to supermarkets, I hate hearing babies crying while I am trying to do my shopping". Can you hear yourself?! What is that parent supposed to do, not do their groceries, stay home and go without essential supplies for their family, leave their 3/4 full trolley and go home as soon as their baby makes a noise? You're only concern is how that affects you? The truth is that parents still have shit to do even when their kids are around sometimes the kid doesn't want to be there, truth is the parent doesn't want to be there either but we have run out of nappies, formula, toilet paper, food etc. So it has to be done, I can gaurentee you that parent is having a harder time walking around the supermarket than you are. That screaming babies is theirs, they have to take it home with them, you don't.

When ever we leave our homes we are going to encounter people, old people, young people, grumpy people, overly friendly people, people we know but don't want to talk to, even babies and children! If you have such a problem being in the vicinity of other people you should be the one who stays home. I know a lot of people say "You should only take your children to restaurants that advertise themselves as 'Family Restaurants' are you serious! Have you tried the food in those places! 9 times out of 10 it's rubbish food and the kids meal normally consists of chicken nuggets and chips (which I am also told that I am a horrible mother for feeding my child that processed rubbish food.) We enjoy food and my daughter enjoys food. We are not going to be shoved in this "chicken nuggets only" club for the next 16 years because you have had a bad experience with a noisy child who isn't even mine!

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank the many restaurants that my family has visited that have welcomed all of us, made great food and accepted our repeat business. Check some of these out if you haven't already here. Our Favourite 'Family' Restaurants


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