Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Code Breaker Surprise Eggs

This is a super easy DIY, we're not big into Easter especially in our homeschool (read 'What is secular eclectic homeschooling?) But our daughter is going to see some of her cousins over Easter weekend and I thought I would use some of the cute Easter supplies around and make it a learning activity!

First up I got some of the empty plastic eggs from Kmart, then on one half of the egg I wrote the suffix of a word; am, an, og, at ect. Then on the other half of the egg I wrote the beginning of the word. Creating a word spinner, the child then has to read each one of the words before they can open the egg. Yam. ram, bam, tam, pam. Log, dog, bog. Star, tar, bar, car. man, tan, ban, can, nan etc. You could also do the same with addition or subtraction facts, the options are endless!

The other reason I was interested in doing something like this because I was able to fill the eggs with things other than chocolate! I used things like little pom pom chicks, stickers, tiny slinkies and other things from the birthday goody bag section at kmart.

Is this something you could use in your homeschool or for your kids? Tip: Check the stores after Easter weekend to get the supplies really "cheep"!

Robin xx


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