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4 New Zealand Books We Love Right Now

In our home we love books! Our whole family loves to read and reading is a huge part of our homeschooling. Fostering a love of reading, storytelling and imagination for our daughter have always been far more important than making sure she could read perfectly by age 5. If a child loves books they will learn to read.

I thought I would share with you some our favourite New Zealand stories and books that we enjoy as a family.

In The Beginning- Peter Gossage  

This is the beginning of the world story according to Maori legend. We have explained before that we are a Secular Homeschooling Family so we do not teach this to our child as fact, nor do we believe it is factual. But the story carries with it vital parts of my family's history and culture. We also believe in respecting the world around us and this book does help to illustrate that. The book goes through all the different Maori 'Gods' and how the Earth as we know it came to be. This will be the start of our Te Reo Maori studies this year. I plan on doing some art projects with this book and use it to help my daughter improve on her Maori vocabulary. I thought where better to start than at the beginning! Peter Gossage was a fantastic author and illustrator I'm sure most Kiwis remember reading his books at school. I could have featured any number of his books in this list but you can check out more of them here Books By Peter Gossage

Elwyn's Dream: Saving the Takahe- Ali Foster and Illustrated by Viv Walker.

This book is brand new to us, our family love native birds so without knowing too much about it I picked it up. This is a true story about how Elwyn Welch used some kiwi ingenuity at his farm to save and successfully bread the Takahe in the 1950's. His farm later became Pukaha Mount Bruce the National Wildlife Center that's not far from our home. I plan on setting up a day trip to Mount Bruce after we have read this book together. This is a very important New Zealand story about our people and our wildlife, it contains so many topics you could pull from to create unit studies, geography, history, science, natural world etc.

The Great White Man-Eating Shark (Early Reader)- Margaret Mahy and Illustrated by Jonathan Allen.

A fantastic twist on a boy who cried wolf tale, I remember reading it at school and found it just as hilarious re-reading it with my daughter 20 years later! I did a full review of this book here. So check that out if you're not familiar with it or need to refresh your memory on how great this story is!
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Tangaroa's Gift- Mere Whaanga

I have always loved origin stories and this one is about the Paua, it is the story of how the Paua got it's beautiful shell and why you can only see it's colours on the inside. This one like the first is a Maori legend so it talks about Tangaroa- The spirit or God of the sea. As a family we spend a lot of time at the beach and my daughter is always fascinated by the beautiful Paua shells we find on the beach. You could also create a great art project from this book because it talks a lot about colour. We also really enjoy that the book is in English and Te Reo so we can work on our Te Reo reading skills!
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So there are 4 New Zealand stories we are loving right now! What are you reading with your kids right now?

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