Monday, 13 February 2017

Are We Quitting Homeschool?

So this time last year I was revealing to our family and friends that our daughter would not being to school. Being the only one in our family to ever home school it took a while to get everyone adjusted. We wanted our family to not just accept our decision but to embrace it and be involved with our home education journey.

That was a whole year ago, Abby will be 6 in Term 1 of this year so now is when we need to decide for certain and apply for our exemption from formal schooling from the Ministry of Education.
So are we going to continue homeschooling? The answer to that is 100% yes. I don’t think there has been a time in the past 12 months where I have seriously considered enrolling Abby into the local school. I can very confidently say that home education is the right path for our family.
Abby is learning, she is socialising, she is experiencing the world around her, meeting new people and seeing new places. But most importantly she is happy. We are all happy and so content.
I’m not saying home education is for everyone or for every child, but it is for us. We have a beautiful supportive family and community that have embraced my daughter and our family. Yes we get negative comments from time to time but everyone’s a critic right?! I try to encourage my daughter to be proud in the fact that she is home schooled and she does all the same things that kids who go to school do. She is learning to read, to write, to build meaningful relationships and be a highly functioning member of our community.
So as I prepare to write Abby’s exemption I am confident in our decisions, that is not without the knowledge that there will be challenges, hardships and really hard days but as long as my family is happy, healthy and thriving I know that I’m doing the right thing.
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