Sunday, 17 July 2016

On Our Book Shelf: Presence by Amy Cuddy

I’ve spent the better part of my life convinced that I don’t belong, am lucky, or a fraud. Never, not once, did it ever occur to me that other people felt that way.”-Chris, a forty-year-old executive.
Let me preface this by saying I’ve never really read anything in the “Self Improvement” section of the book shop. Not that I don’t think I need improvement, I think there is always room for some self reflection. So this book was very much out of my comfort zone.
Firstly personal account by Amy involving a traumatic accident, defying the odds and excelling is incredibly inspiring. From head injury to TED talks and now an author. Amy you are inspiring in every sense of the word. She tells or rather educates us using this book with real life stories, quotes from famous thinkers and also regular people who have found success. Proving that we are all human, have the same flaws and insecurities and how to overcome them.
Presence is about that, being present, seizing opportunity and having the confidence to take life by the horns. What makes more of an impact is that Amy has not only studied this topic she has lived through, struggled and concurred it.
This book would be of interest to anyone needing inspiration or who has an interest in psychology or the human condition. This is a topic that could get very arduous to read about but the sheer passion that Amy has comes through in her writing and kept me reading.
Overall I really enjoyed it, I now follow Amy on Instagram and I can tell nothing will ever slow this women down so I really look forward to seeing what she does next!
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