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Why Reading is so important?!

I loved books as a kid, mostly because I was naughty and got grounded a lot and wasn't allowed to watch TV so I started reading. I found that once in a book I wasn't grounded in my bedroom anymore I was someplace else, I was in the land of the BFG or with Tracey Beaker in one of her extravagant and overly exaggerated stories. I loved books, I loved to read, and in turn I loved to tell stories, write my own stories and poems. I even sometimes get called a writer now even though I really don't think I am a real one.
Reading is one of the greatest pleasures in life and one that I want my own daughter to fall in love with, since she was a baby I have read to her, told her silly made up stories and we have always had far too many books. I received this package about a week ago and I really wanted to share it with you. I get a lot of books in the mail to feature on our Book Shelf feature but this one is a little different. It is a book, a book about friendship. But it is what came with the book that I wanted to share with you.
Teaches kids to read
It's hard to believe that in our world right now there are still millions of kids who don't get an adequate education. I believe that literacy is one of the necessary things needed to live a happy, successful life. It's the foundation for most things, jobs, communication, hobbies etc. So much of our lives revolves around communication and literacy, so much so that we as literate people don't really think about it. But for someone without those necessary skills and education life is much much harder.
No one knows this more than the kids in Batticaloa in Sri Lanka, both civil war and natural disaster has meant most of the kids haven't been able to access quality education, teachers unable to to access the necessary training and kids having very low pass rates if they do get to attend school.
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ChildFund is working really hard to improve those statistics by training teachers who can then teach kids. Getting them out of poverty, giving them the tools to not only read and communicate but the love of learning. Inspiring kids, inspiring teachers and just straight up making the world a better place.
My daughter's education is very important to me, especially the love of books. ChildFund were kind enough to send us this lovely book about friendship and love. Abby and I read it today and I explained to her that some children don't know how to read and don't have enough teachers. Of course my little humanitarian wanted to help so we are making a donation to the ATLAS program and I hope you guys will take a look at their website and do some of your own research about this great cause.
friendly book read kids childfund
I do not work for ChildFund this post is not sponsored and I am in no way paid for this blog post or others I have made for such causes. I write these blog posts because I think they are important to share and if I can use my platform to help others it just makes sense!
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