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Easy Memory Scrapbook for Mum +8 Scrapbooking Tips For Beginners and Pro's

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Scrapbooking was the first real crafting activity I did about 5 years ago, it’s a quick and easy craft that is fun, great for all ages and an amazing way to showcase all of your photos and memories. I decided to make one for my mum for Mother’s Day, she’s pretty awesome and I know she loves this kind of stuff!
Abby and I headed off to Warehouse Stationery and I was amazed by all of their scrapbooking and crafty stuff, I was in a crafter’s oasis! We spent about half an hour browsing the craft aisles, stickers, embellishments, papers, punches and stamps oh my! These are the things we came out with, I also got my pictures printed while I shopped! They do the really cool square 4x4 photos now which were the perfect size for the small album I chose.
glitter tape scotch warehouse stationery
I loved this sparkly tape! So many uses not just scrapbooking! Buy it here:
instagram prints crazy mother crafter craft blog
Cute 4x4 size photos were perfect!
new zealand scrap booking craft blog
So simple and they looked really cool!
paper bows crazy mother crafter
These are so cute!
Rosie's scrapbooking crazy mother crafter huge variety instore.
scrapbooking craft blog paper
You can't have enough of these!
tape scrapbook supplies warehouse stationery nz
Essential! Buy it here:
warehouse stationery craft supplies
Buy them here: Find similar embellishments here
warehouse stationery scrapbooking craft blog
Find the album here: I loved the brown paper pages!
warehouse stationery stickers craft supplies nz
These stickers!! Buy them here:

The only rule about scrapbooking is to make sure everything you use including your tape and glues are acid free or archival safe, otherwise over time it will damage your photos. Everything in the scrapbooking department normally is but it pays to check just in case!
Scrapbooking doesn’t need to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m doing this one for my mum and using a series of snapshots from important times in her “mum life”. Weddings, new babies, graduations and some happy memories.
I had a lot of fun doing this mini album for my mum, it only took me a few hours and I’m really happy how it turned out. I actually did it at her house so she has already seen it and said to me “This is for me isn’t it, I want it!”
IMG_50522 page scrapbook cmc.jpg
Here are a few tips I have for creating an awesome album. Again these aren’t rules, these are just a few little tricks I have picked up over my scrapbooking journey!crazy mother crafter scrap book nz.jpg
  • Cut around your stickers, this means you can play around with your layout without committing to taking off the backing sheet! It’s fun for the kids to help out with too (but you may want to get them their own scrapbook because you will want to have yours just how you like it!)
  • Play around with different styles, look for inspiration on pinterest etc. It’s easy to make it your own.Crazy mother crafter scrapbook nz p.jpg

  • If you want to remove the photos use photo corners like I did in some of these layouts, I have also used this technique for making scrapbook shadow boxes or frames. It makes it easy to swap photos out and change the look!
  • Choose stickers, diecuts, papers etc in the same colour stories, it makes it easy to create layouts because everything works well together. It also gives a cohesive look to your album.

scrapbooking supplies nz.jpg
  • My favorite adhesive to use is double sided tape, it’s not messy, you don’t have to worry about dripping glue everywhere and it’s one of the cheapest scrapbooking supplies!
  • Add a bit of journalling to your album, handwriting gives it such a cool personal touch and you can use it to write down memories or quotes to go with your pictures.
  • Get yourself a 12x12 storage box, most scrapbooking papers come in an 8x8 or 12x12, so having something you can easily store everything in and keep it all organised makes it easier to pull out when you feel inspired to create!
  • Have fun and don’t spend too much time stressing over making it look perfect!
Warehouse Stationery definitely has the biggest selection of scrapbooking and crafty stuff, I didn’t have to shop around to get all the different bits and pieces and I seriously could have brought everything! I was quite inspired by the shopping trip which made it easy to come home and create this album for my mum! I have lots of pieces left over too so I might make myself or maybe my Grandma a matching one!

Have you tried scrapbooking yet?


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