Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The BEST thing you can do with an avocado!

I love avocado! In fact most people I know do, it's just such a versatile fruit, is it a fruit? I'm pretty sure it is!
I have the best thing you can do with an avocados right here- give it away! Would you like to receive a gift of avocados? Child Fund sent me some last week and they were delightful!

While it's Christmas and all I know things at this time can be a struggle, I know I was stressing out about what gifts I was going to get people, do I get the salad bowl or the cheeseboard (actual conversation in the middle of Briscoes I had with my husband). It was a day or two after that when Child Fund sent me a little package for Christmas, inside was some lovely looking avocados, a media release and a catalog about "Gifts that Grow" Getting this package put my feet back on the ground. It doesn't matter if I get the salad bowel or a bunch of tea towels, what matters is that I know where ever we spend Christmas this year there will be plenty of food on the tables, a decorated Christmas tree and the family who I love.

This isn't the case for so many families and kids around the world. It's easy to ignore but we can't sit in our prosperous country with our benefits, economy, jobs, free healthcare and sanitation and do nothing for those in the world who still don't have that. Is it our responsibility? I think so. Just like it is our responsibility to look after those less fortunate in our own country. We as human beings in this world have the responsibility to look after this planet. Be it the environment, the animals and our fellow man.

Tell me, could you walk past a hungry child on the street with a bag full of groceries and not give them something to eat? I couldn't. The ads on TV with the hungry children with bloated bellies has become just another advert that we fast forward. My daughter at 4 years old asked me what happened to them, why they are like that. I told her they have no food so they are very hungry, she said to me we have food we can take them some. At 4 years old she is a better human than I. It was then that it really hit home for me that these kids are just like my kid, if we went over there they would play together as kids do. The only difference is where they were born. Should they still get the same quality of life and the same opportunities? Of course!

Now every time those adverts come on TV she tells me we need to take them some food and some toys because they don't have any. We cleaned out her toys and clothes and she said she wanted to give them to the children. So when Child Fund sent me this catalog I thought I would get her involved and let her choose some gifts that we could buy for those very children. She then asked if we could take them to the children and was very disappointed when I told her a postie would drop them off for us.

If you would like to buy a gift for someone else you can it only costs $9 to donate fruit trees which will continue to produce fruit for those kids to eat. I would spend more on 2 coffees.

This post was inspired by a parcel that Child Fund  sent me but was not sponsored. I do not accept money from charities, I would rather all the money they raised was given to those that need it!
My family has brought the special Christmas Trees through the ChildFund website.

Check out the other post I did with Child Fund here where we showed you how easy it is to grow a gunny sack garden and how you can give the gift of growing your own food to another family! 


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