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How to sell more at craft fairs and markets!

This is what everyone wants to know right!

Firstly... You have to choose the markets and fairs that will give you the best shot at success, you want markets with great exposure so you get the foot traffic. Without foot traffic you don't have a chance to sell anything! For more about choosing markets see our post here.

Now, how to sell more at the craft markets and fairs that you go to, here is a little list of things you can do to improve your sales, increase your return customers and get the most out of your day!

  1. Get off your bum!!  Nothing worse than going to check out a stall and the person behind it sitting down behind it barely visible over top of the table. Now we all get tired especially on a long day but keep the sitting to a minimum and never when you have customers checking out your stuff. A lot of the time if you are sitting down and spring up as soon as a customer approached your stall it will totally put them off! If you have to sit, place your chair to the side of your table so the customer can clearly see you.
  2. Say Hello!!! As a customer at a craft fair (or anywhere for that matter- don't even get me started on retail stores that have rubbish customer service!) one of my biggest pet peeves is rude people! I have made the effort to come over and have a look at what you are selling you should at least be polite and say hello! This goes for everyone even if they aren't your target market- for instance today I had a man looking at my stall I said hello he was looking intently at things and I asked him if he was looking for a gift. Sure enough he was and I helped him find something that was suitable. Had I not asked him he probably would have walked away without buying anything.
  3. Don't be pushy! Customers will look at things they want to look at and buy the things they want to buy we are not used car salesman (Really bad generalisation I know and I mean no offence to used car salesman I'm sure you are lovely). People rarely take to being given the hard sell, if anything they will say 'thank you' and walk away I know I do. Instead be polite, let people look and and spark up a conversation! This makes it much easier to talk about your product without sounding like you are being pushy!
  4. Be genuine!! We all know the common conversation starters sales people use- Isn't the weather lovely, what a lovely dress you're wearing etc. While these are great conversation starters you must be genuine! Don't tell every customer you see that you love their shirt, dress, necklace whatever because this gets old and customers will see right through you and loose all trust in you. Never tell a customer something you don't actually think and be honest! This shows you have integrity and that you are a real person not just someone looking for a buck! 
  5. Look like you want to be there! This is super important! Yes you may be tired, yes you may have a had a bad morning or be in a bad mood. You may be having a really rubbish day at the market and not sold a single item. You have to suck it up, put a smile on your face and have a positive attitude! Some of my regular customers I have met while I have been at markets where my day wasn't going particular well but because I left a positive impression they keep coming back! 
  6. Put your phone away!! So frequently when I visit craft fairs or I am a vendor at a craft fair or market there will be someone busy txting, facebooking, instagraming whatever while there are customers visiting their booth or stall. Same goes with point number 2, the customer has made the effort to come and check out your stuff be polite and put the phone down. Obviously as most of us have families cellphones are always kept on so we are always reachable, I'm just talking about unnessary 'spend all day playing candy crush because I can't really be bothered today' phone use.
While these may seem like sensible normal things we should all be doing sometimes these are the things we do wrong the most. It's easy to become comfortable at a market and to put it frankly lazy but we have to remember especially for those that don't sell much online that a market might be your only chance this month to make your monthly target. I will go more into sales targets in another blog post later.

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