Monday, 16 November 2015

Feilding A&P Show 2015

We went to the Feilding A&P show again, we went last year check out the post here Feilding A&P Show 2014.

As with last year it took Miss almost 5 a while to get into it. We decided not to do any of the carnival rides this year because A. They were ridiculously expensive and B you had to queue twice in huge lines. Once to buy tickets and again to get on the ride. Obviously Miss was disappointed but we found other things to do instead.

 We go to watch all the sheep get hair cuts, the awesome horse jumping which Miss is particularly interested in at the moment! We had lunch at one of the food trucks that was pretty ho-hum (Should have taken a picnic for sure!) which finished with one of childhood's most scaring moments- dropping your ice cream!

The highlight was for sure the digger that Miss got to have a turn on. It was a gold coin charge that went to charity which was far better than the $9 Merry-go-round.

It cost us $30 to get in for 3 adults and an under 5 and there wasn't all that much to see this time. I think there was actually more minus the horses at the Feilding Rural Day that we went to a few weeks earlier. There were a lot of the same animals there, there was more stuff for the kids to get involved with and it was free. So will we go again I'm not sure, there was definately a lot more there last year in terms of things to see and do or maybe we were there at the wrong time.
We went home with a slightly sad almost 5 year old (because I wouldn't spend the $50 it would have cost to go on all the rides she wanted to go on), who wanted to buy a horse, a sheep and a digger!


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