Monday, 19 October 2015

The Wee Red Barn

We have been past and into this shop many times but I thought that it was about time I share it with you too! Check out their website

On the side of the road there sits a wee red barn, but it's not full of sheep or other barnyard animals, it's filled with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries! Firstly you will be greeted by a giant white cow covered in strawberries. Then in the shop you will find freshly picked berries, frozen berries and even yummy berry ice cream!

Do you think she makes strawberry milk? 
All of the fruit is picked in their own orchard and you can see all of the beautiful fruit on the vines as you walk to the shop. It really is a beautiful sight in the middle of the strawberry season! Now though being that it's still chilly all the plants are covered in a veil of frost cover to save them from the cold!

Spot the cheeky cat! 
A trip to the Wee Red Barn wouldn't be complete without seeing all of the animals out the front! The super friendly cat who greeted us right as we got out of the car, the gorgeous bunnies (who by the way have their own underground tunnel! By far the best bunny enclosure I've ever seen!) and the incredibly friendly goats who put on quite a show for us, jumping around and following us around the cage! Miss Abby loved hanging out with all the animals and we could have spent many hours there! She came home saying she really needed a goat!
I swear this goat was gorgeous! 
I first saw fruit from the Wee Red Barn because during Christmas time they set up a stall at Riversdale Beach where we holiday and they also set up stalls around Masterton during the Christmas break!
Next time you are in the Wairarapa go and check this place out! Check out their Facebook Page

Robin xx 


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