Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rural Day Feilding 2015

Last week we headed down to Rural Day, if you don't know what Rural Day is basically the town centre gets taken over by sheep, alpaca, horses and even the odd cow! It's a really special kind of town and country we live in where you head down to your city centre in your gumboots and see sheep sharing, sheep racing and hundreds of hay bales! 

The Three Little Pigs! 

I remember going to Rural Day as a kid and I have taken Abby every year of her life, we had a great time. She got to bottle feed a lamb, pat goats, donkeys, alpacas, cows and saw a sheep get a haircut! Once she over the smell of animal poop she loved it. 

The most exciting tractor parade! 
I'm not to force Abby to do something she doesn't want to do, I give her the opportunities and she can decide for herself what she wants to do, this was the first year she really got into it and wanted to do everything! She even went on a pony carriage for the first time this year. The grin on her face was magical and if there is one joy in my life it is seeing my daughter so full of happiness! 

Look at that smile! 
I will say I was pretty impressed and inspired with her new found confidence, she really seems to have found who she is and the confidence to be herself no matter who is watching. She is also a very social butterfly and make quite a few friends while we were there. Being that we are homeschooling the main concern is that she won't have any social skills, this is definitely not an issue or concern of mine, this kid will make friends anywhere and she will have plenty of opportunities to do so! 

If you're in the Manawatu area definitely check it out or see if there are any rural towns in your area that do a Rural Day, the kids will love it, there are a ton of fun games to play ad heaps of things to look at, we ended our day with an ice cream and and a walk around the op shops. It's fun things like this that both you and your kids will remember so get out and about and do it,  most things are free so if you're on a budget go along and take a picnic from home!

Probably the cutest, fluffiest goat kid ever! 


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