Monday, 7 September 2015

The Food Show Wellington

I had the opportunity to go to The Food Show in Wellington, I had never been before and my husband was excited to go along too!

Firstly if you are into wine you should definitely go, there are so many tasting mostly free ones and we saw quite a few people who had more than their share of samples!

We aren't drinkers, my husband has the occasional beer and I might have a total of 10 drinks per year so it wasn't really what we were going for. However we did taste a really nice whiskey! One thing we were surprised by was that we only saw one craft beer brand Good George Brewing . New Zealand has a booming craft beer industry so we were surprised there weren't more showcasing their products.

I love small businesses obviously, this was a big reason why I wanted to go. I love talking to people who create their products. Seeing the passion and enthusiasm they have for their products gets me excited about them! One that did this for me was Pascals Pate using his grandmother's original recipe he makes this traditional French pate that is unlike any I have tasted before. We ended up having a great chat with him about how he makes his products and was very impressed that our 4 year old loved it too! We ended up buying 2 jars and gave one to my father in law for fathers day.

Their were a lot of bigger company's there like Hellers was there as was Tasti I ended up buying a couple of boxes of snack bars because they had a great deal on. Lewis Road Creamery was also there, by the time they got there they had already sold out of their chocolate milk and I did try their new coffee flavour and I will say I think their chocolate is much nicer!

If you are going to go I suggest you take the time to go around a couple if not 3 or 4 times, there is so much to see and so many great deals. It can be hard to see some of the stuff because of the amount of people. We took our 4 year old and she had a great time, there was plenty for her to look at and to taste. We watched a cooking demonstration at the DeLonghi stand which was really cool! I can't wait to get my hands on some of their new kitchen gadgets!

Overall we really enjoyed ourselves and picked up a lot of really yummy treats that we will be enjoying and repurchasing! I really recommend you go along if you can next year and make sure to try everything!

Go and check out all of these brands because the food was amazing!! 

Robin xx


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