Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Picking Daffodils and Making Memories.

Last year we drove quite a way from our house to pick daffodils and no other reason apart from that.

This year we did the same, it was raining, a bit cold and the ground was muddy. The real truth is we didn't just pick flowers, we donated some money to Plunket and we made memories.

Abby still remembers going daffodil picking last year and really wanted to go again. The truth is that as the years go by it seems like more and more of a reality that one day getting her to do these things will result in her sulking in the back of the car wanting to be anywhere but doing dumb stuff with her mum just like I did at a certain point.

So right now I am soaking up all of these amazing "You're my best friend Mummy" moments. I'm hoping these will carry me through the "You're so unfair" door slamming times that are inevitably in my future.

Picking Daffodils was also on our 'Spring to do list' so I'm happy to have crossed one thing off that too! I am actually hoping we will be able to go out there again before they close at the end of September when the weather is a bit better, because it was a bit of a rush today! I would also like to bring my husband out here for a coffee while Abby plays and picks daffodils. I think this is a really amazing thing to do as a family. It's not expensive, you're helping out Plunket and you are away from everything. It's a perfect family time activity!

How do you make memories with your kids?

Robin xx


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