Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On Our Book Shelf: Hello Life, Marcus Butler

This is another book produced by a YouTuber, I reviewed another one here. My first impression of just flicking through was that the photography was great. I really enjoyed the photos and thought they added to the content of the book.

I would call this a lifestyle/advice book, I really like the lifestyle side of it so we will start there. He gives a ton of great advice in regards to healthy eating, exercise and his own fitness journey. I think this is the part of the book which makes the most sense and has the most valuable advice. I think the reason for this is that this is what he knows best. Marcus has lived this health and fitness journey so therefore when he writes about it he comes across as being very knowledgeable about this subject.

I think the book should have really stopped there. He would make an excellent healthy lifestyle book with recipes, workouts etc etc. The advice side of the book in my opinion really lets it down. Marcus and I are a similar age and I really don't think that in your early 20's you have enough life experience to be giving other people advice on growing up when you yourself have not grown up yet. Especially when you are giving advice to kids. He tells people not get stuck in the "friend zone" this spoken word poem summarises the Friend Zone perfectly. He also mentions in regards to dating "you're in if.... and you're out if......." In what exactly? Her pants? I think it's important to teach young people that someone does not owe you something nor do they gesture, insinuate that you are in. You are in if the person tells you that you are in. I think this is a really important message that someone like Marcus who has a huge following of young people should get behind. Especially in this new age of social media. You should check out this video some of our blogging friends were involved with #mybodymyterms. He also mentioned how he teased his now girlfriend before he had the courage to ask her out. Can we please stop telling girls that if a boy is mean to you it means he likes you! If a boy likes you he will be kind and treat you the way in what you deserve!

Along with chit chat about the internet which Marcus' whole career started he also gives some great advice about online bullying and hate which he undoubtedly has seen in his years on YouTube. One thing I did find concerning is that he doesn't mention getting your parents or other adults involved. He also mentions that you as a teen or young person have the right to refuse to be friends or tell your parents what your social media passwords are, voicing "this is your right to privacy" as a parent I disagree, with the amount of kids taking their lives in part due to online bullying I think it is important for kids and their parents to be transparent, open and honest about what happens online. Like I say I am a similar age to Marcus and when I was a teen I saw the birth of social media like MSN messenger, I think I was about 12 or 13. I remember my mum allowing me to make an account so I could talk to my friends and I was only allowed on it while my mum was sitting right next to me. Embarrassing yes but now as a parent I totally get why she did that, look at how many weirdos there are on the internet. Fast forward a couple of years when everyone had a BeBo account and mine was hacked by a so called friend who sent nasty messages pretending to be me to all my friends, changed my profile to all of these horrible things and made my life as I knew it then hell. So with social media being as massive as it is now with kids attached to their phones I think talking to young people about the importance of telling someone when you are being bullied online is so important. Anyhow I digress I wonder if his thoughts on this will change once he has his own children.
I don't think any of this was written with bad intention though, I honestly think that with him being a young white man who lives a blessed life (self made by the way I'm not taking anything away from the amazing things he has accomplished.) I think his view of the world might be quite naive.

Overall I think the book did have good parts, but I stand by the fact that you do need more life experience is needed before giving advice like this. I really don't want this to come across as a 'hater' post, because that really wasn't my intention upon receiving the book. I would love to see possibly him and his girlfriend Naomi do a recipe book together, I think it would be amazing being that she is a bit of a vegan foodie and he's a foodie without the vegan!

Robin xx


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