Wednesday, 2 September 2015

On Our Book Shelf: The Great White Man Eating Shark

I remember this story from my childhood, it's a classic boy who cried wolf story but told in a way that only the great Margaret Mahy can. It has been re-released in a new easy reader form which I think is really cool, it appeals not only to little ones but also bigger kids getting into chapter type books.

 But for now I am just reading it to Miss 4 and she is enjoying the story however the over all moral is a bit over her head at this stage and that understanding will develop the older she gets and the more we read it. It also opened up conversation about sharks, and safety at the beach. Our family has a beach house so it's somewhere we visit and talk about often.

I can see us using this book for our homeschooling in the future not only for reading but as part of unit studies about sharks, the beach, virtues and also our unit study of New Zealand Authors.

The only other thing I can say about this book is it is a great story that carries lots of nostalgia for me and I love that I can now share it with my daughter and my brother (9) and sister (8) when they come and stay in the holidays.

Do you remember reading this book as a kid?

Robin x


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