Monday, 28 September 2015

Lush Bloggers Event

This week I was lucky enough to go to the first bloggers event held at the Old Bank Arcade in Wellington. Being that I love Lush stuff already and the Old Bank Arcade is one of my favourite buildings in Wellington I had to be there!

It was great to meet some of the bloggers whose blogs I already read and discovering some new ones too! We mingled around the shop having a good look around, the Wellington store is set out a lot better than the Palmerston North store because it's much bigger so I saw things there that I hadn't in Palmy. The Lush ladies were awesome and I really liked hearing about what Lush does in regards to fair trade and charity.

After that we got to see how one of the products was made (Angels on bare skin cleanser) and really how fresh and natural everything was. We also got to take some home so I was extra excited about that, because I was in desperate need of a new cleanser! I also picked up one of their Vanishing Cream moisturisers to try because my skincare needs a total overhaul!

Lavender Seeds are used as a natural exfoliator, they also smell amazing! 

We had some nibbles and some delish T2 tea and took a whole bunch of photos. The thing I love about hanging out with other bloggers is that you don't feel weird having your camera out all the time!

A huge thank you to Lush and especially to the staff who were there on the night, it's obvious that they love their jobs and that Lush trains their staff well because they knew their staff so well!

What's your favourite Lush Product?

Robin xx

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  1. I've been following your blog for a few days. Your blog is very informative and relevant.



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