Friday, 28 August 2015

Wellington's LUX Festival

We headed to Wellington again last weekend to see the LUX festival. A light show mostly along the waterfront from artists all over the world.

It started at 6pm and there were a ton of fun things to do, my husband was most looking forward to the food truck trailor park which is where we head first so we didn't miss out. Then We got some very interesting glow in the dark gelato! 

Abby got her face painted for the first time and loved it! We then walked around a few of the art works, it got quite cold and Abby got really tired so we didn't manage to get around everything but what we did see was really cool. 

There was also a man, I'm not sure if he was associated with the LUX festival or not and I didn't catch his name but he juggled with balls with lights in them. This was probably the most fun part for us. 

The great thing about it was there were so many families and people out and about. The art was fun, interactive and some, especially the lunchboxes hanging from a tree- really thought provoking. Symbolising the amount of kids in our country who go to school without any lunch. (Don't worry John Key spend $26MILLION on a flag redesign that next to no one wants) I did hear one of the LUX volunteers explain to someone else that after the exhibit was over the lunchboxes were going to be filed with food and donated to the kids who needed it. This is a cause that is quite close to my heart so it was the exhibit at the festival I most wanted to see. 

The LUX festival is on until the 30th of August so if you're in Wellington do go and check it out because it is fun especially for the kids! 

Robin xx


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