Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Is Disney On Ice Worth The Money?

So Disney on Ice, is it worth the money? We have been twice now and there are some things I learnt the first time that made our second time around a lot more enjoyable and easier than the first time we went last year. 

The first thing I would say is book your tickets ASAP you'll get far better seats. We like to sit on the side of the theatre rather that at the top we just find we get to see a lot more of the show that way. Get as close to the front as you can, the first time we were about 8 rows from the front this time we got front row seats. Not only are you closer to the action we also chose the front because my dad came with us and he is tall so the front row gave him a lot more leg room. If you are over 6" tall you will be cramped in the stands. Also if you can book a weekday show, they are less crowded and it's easier to get better seats! 

Eat before you go, you want the kids to have full tummies before you go because there isn't a lot of food on offer and the snacks are very expensive. Last time I took a couple of snack bars but we didn't eat before we went so of course my daughter wanted all of the things! You can also take in some of your own snacks, the show is only about 2 hours long so you don't need a lot, I just took a lollipop and some little crackers for Abby and a small bottle of watered down juice, she doesn't eat this kind of stuff often so it was still a treat and it saved my wallet! Also make sure they go to the bathroom before the show, there were quite a few people who missed some of the show by going to the bathroom during intermission and the lines were long! 

The merchandise is expensive but it's not really that bad if you are careful about it, it's really cool to see all the stands of merchandise set up like I assume it would be like in Disney World. We let Abby get one thing each time, last time she got a Cinderella cup and it's still going strong after a year and this time we got the programme, I regretted not getting the programme last time because I think it's a great momento. It's a huge book with heaps of amazing photos and some behind the scenes stuff. You could also make up your own little goody bags if you don't want to shell out for stuff there! It's a great way for your kid to feel as though they are getting the most out of the experience without having to spend so much. I also bought some glow stick bracelets, wands, necklaces and ears from kmart, they cost me about $6 total and she had a ball with them! 

Can I also just mention how happy all of the staff were! It really helped with the experience, it really felt like they were all as happy to be there as we were. Everyone from the people on the merchandise stalls, the ushers who personally showed us to our seats, the lady who scanned our tickets, they were all really happy, friendly and joyful which made the whole experience wonderful! 

Make sure during the finale performance you get up and dance, especially if you're near the front! This amazing lady came up to us and asked my daughter if she wanted to go up and high five one of the princesses. It was a no brainer Abby got up and and the lady took her closer to the ice, what was meant to be a high five turned into Abby just holding Sleeping Beauty's hand and not wanting to let go. I can not even tell you how full this moment made my mummy heart and even made my eyes water a little bit seeing my daughter so full of joy. So is Disney On Ice worth the money? Yes defineately! We will continue to go and enjoy it for as many years as it comes to New Zealand. I made the decision a long time ago to spend money on expierences rather than things and this was an amazing expierence for my daughter and I. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Have you been? 

Robin xx

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