Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Baby Pressure!

Have you ever been pressured or frequently asked about children? Either it's your wedding day and people are asking you when you are going to start your family, or you have been with your significant other for more than 5 minutes and people are asking when you are going to get married and have kids, maybe you have a baby and the day after people are asking you when you are going to give them a sibling, maybe you have 3 kids and people look at you concerned and say "that's your last one right? You're done having kids now?"

We fit into the 'has one kid, when are you going to have another?' category and to be completely honest I don't know. When I say this there is normally an uncomfortable pause, followed by all the reasons I should get pregnant at that exact moment, 'You don't want them to be too far apart, they won't be able to play together. You don't want to be still having kids in 10 years do you? Aren't you worried you'll leave it too long?' etc etc etc. To that I say mind your own business!
*Sidenote* I am 15/16 years older than my brother and sister and I play with them just fine! In fact they stay at my house for a week every school holidays.

Do I want more kids? Maybe but the only person that concerns is my husband and I. I had Abby when I was 20 and the whole world seems to want me to hurry up because my clock is ticking at the ripe old age of 25. The truth is I could keep having children for the next 15 years so I'm really in no immediate rush.

The other thing to mention is that no one really knows what is going on behind someone else's' closed doors. They might be trying everything to get pregnant and it's just not happening or they may have suffered a miscarriage or another complication that you just don't know about. With families with lots of kids, they will not be finished having kids just because you think they have their "quota". Yes there family might be bigger than yours but why does that concern you!

So ladies, have babies, don't have babies, have 15 of them have 1! Do whatever is best and comfortable for you and your family. If the uterus isn't yours it's none of your business!

Robin xx


  1. Yes! Can you shout this through an intercom to the whole world, please?!? We're fighting infertility for the third time - we have a healthy 16 month old and had a miscarriage 2 months ago - I don't appreciate having to re-remember those struggles when a stranger feels it's their right to ask me! I've finally started being honest with people when they ask and telling them why we don't have two kids yet :) It's kind of funny to watch their faces and I hope that by my honesty they might learn that they should not ask these questions of people they do not know.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your misscaraige Vanessa, we lost our first baby during the first trimester. It took me a good year before I even wanted to think about trying again and it was a really sensitive subject for a long time. Gosh your baby is still a baby it's crazy you're getting pressure already! My daughter is 4 now and I'm sure our family are holding a thread of hope now! Also if we were trying it's not like we would tell anyone anyway right?!


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