Sunday, 14 June 2015

Is Your Home Healthy?

Whenever I think winter, I think of snuggly in front of the fire, reading a good book, perhaps blogging, with a great cup of coffee. Most of the time Miss 4 and I are also snuggly on the couch in the evenings. We have an old house, it was an original 1908 railway cottage that has been renovated into a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home. In the winter it is cold here, we live right next to the ranges and there is quite often a frost on our lawn until past lunch time. When we brought our house one of the most important things we looked at was how we are going to heat it in the winter, I hate the cold so a good fireplace is essential to me. We are very lucky that my husband has always had access to free or almost free firewood, if we had to pay for it every year we would have to work it into our yearly budget and if we ran out that would be it!

Heating your home however you do it is expensive, firewood, gas, electric however you do it it's pricey. It was the delivery of a really cool device called Selina that started the discussion between my husband and I. We are a traditionally middle income family and there are a lot of people out their in older, less insulated and poorer condition housing that probably find heating their home a real struggle. I am the kind of person who has the fire going, slippers on and wrapped in a blanket at night time and I can't image spending my nights cold. My daughter has snugly warm clothes on, has great quality warm bedding and I can't even imagine not being able to provide a warm healthy home for her to live in.

When we first turned Selena on our we had just cooked dinner and hadn't yet lit the fire, out house was at 17 degrees and 69% humidity. Once the fire was lit the humidity was down to 47% and the temperature was up to a comfortable 25 degrees. In this photo you can see our current temperature and humidity which is again well within the healthy range. We are all in T-shirts feeling quite content, while the weather outside is freezing, there is a gale force wind and it's starting to rain. I can only really credit this to our fireplace, we have an HRV but we barely ever turn it on, we don't find it very effective in our house.

If you live in a damp, cold home I have listed some resources below that may be able to help you this winter and in future. Also if you have mould present on your ceilings, window frames or walls this can be very harmful to your health and is a big warning sign that you have a damp home. If you are interested in seeing keeping track of your home's health you can purchase a Selina from Mitre 10 or Noel Leeming.

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