Sunday, 28 June 2015

Inside Out The Movie

It's not very often that we go to the movies, it normally costs us about $60 with tickets and overpriced concessions. So when we go to the movies we make sure it's something we really want to see, the last time we went was Cinderella but the time before that was about 2 years ago to see The Great Gatsby.
Anywho, we went to see Inside Out yesterday and I have to say I did enjoy it very much but it had a very different feeling at the end of it than I normally do at the end of a kids movie.

It had the same classic features as any animated movie, there was a problem, a hero, funny bits, sad bits and a happy ending. But if you look closer into the story there's a lot more to it. Riley is an 11 year old girl and to sum up it up it's a story about growing up and how hard those pre-teen/teen years can be. I found the story line closely followed my own life around that age especially when Riley basically turns into a different person, stops doing the things she loves, separated emotionally from her parents and loses some of the lovely traits she had as a child, honesty, imagination, fun etc.

I came out of reflecting on my own difficult years and how hard they were at the time and also thinking about what I will do when my own daughter encounters some of these same issues. It really nicely showed the way that life gets more complicated as we grow and our thoughts, feelings and emotions become more complex. It also touches on depression which I think is a really important thing to talk about with kids, how it's ok to be sad sometimes but to also find moments of joy.

While Miss 4 really enjoyed it, it has bright colours, cool looking characters and funny moments I really think older kids and adults will get a lot out of this movie. There is a much deeper and much more important message here than any animated movie I have seen a long time.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

Robin xx

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  1. To be honest, I was pretty sure I'll always remember Pixar for Toy Story (well, i didn't like Up at all), which was really worth its fame. But hey, here we go! I got 'Inside Out', which is now one of my favourite animated movies, filled with emotion. I can tell a lot good things about this movie, but "Major emotion picture" describes it best. It's filled with emotions, not just verbatim. I was crying both with laughter and true sorrow, I was smiling and frowning. Actually, I felt as if I was right there, next to Sadness and Joy, next to Riley – little, lonely girl, next to her parents with too many problems to explain their daughter, next to confused Fear, Anger and Disgust. Next to everybody, but also inside them. And out of the movie.
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