Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Red Velvet Tim Tam Brownies

My idea of a perfect Tim Tam moment is a hot cup of tea, a good book and something sweet! When the new Tim Tam flavours were released I was really looking forward to the Red Velvet ones! The biscuit is a rich red colour and filled with a cream cheese filling, heaven!
I thought I would experiment a little and combine my 2 favourite things, a Tim Tam and a Brownie so here is the recipe!
300g Butter
1 1/2C Dark Chocolate chips or buttons
6 Eggs
1C Sugar
2tsp Vanilla Essence
2C Plain Flour
1/2C Cocoa Powder
2 Packets of Red Velvet Tim Tam Biscuits
First using a double boiler melt your chocolate and butter together, remove from the heat and cool.
Whisk (or use an electric beater like I did) eggs, sugar and vanilla together. Very slowly add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture while beating. If the chocolate is still warm add small spoon fills at a time to make sure you don’t get scrambled eggs! Once combined using a sift add your flour and cocoa powder. Combine using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon and don’t over mix it!
Use baking paper to prepare your baking tin so it is really easy to remove, add half of the brownie to the baking tin and smooth evenly across the tin. Very carefully lay the Tim Tam biscuits on top of the brownie mixture and then add your remaining brownie mixture over the top and spread evenly. Be very careful not to push the Tim Tam biscuits to the bottom of the pan!
TimTamsdinkus_1_2Bake at 180 Degrees for approx. 30 minutes, check on the brownie throughout cooking, you want it to be soft but not wobbly! It will set more once it’s cooled.
Once it’s done remove from the oven and let it cool completely before you cut it. (this is the hardest part!)
This recipe would work equally well with any of the new flavours that Tim Tam have just put out and I may have to try them out with this recipe too!


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