Monday, 13 April 2015

Travelling with kids!

I love travelling with my daughter, going new places, visiting family, attending shows or events. I love it! We have travelled in almost every way, we have been on flights, long haul buses and car trips and even on the train. There are a few things I have learnt with this travel that has made our experiences far more enjoyable so I thought I would share some of those with you. 

1. Be prepared for the travelling! Whatever mode of transportation you are taking you need to be prepared for it, take snacks, drinks and things to keep the kids occupied. One thing that my daughter has loved is a little whiteboard that she can draw on and then rub off. As kids get older you can use it for games like noughts and crosses, hangman and drawing monsters! You can pick these up really cheaply from $2 shops and they are worth their weight in gold. 

2. Aim to do one big activity per day. Don't try to jam everything in, the kids will be tired and you will be tired! Aim for one big activity per day and see how you all feel after that! 

3. Plan your meals! One of the things I have found while travelling is sometimes there aren't enough places near by for kids to eat at. I have never had a problem taking my daughter to a restaurant and she is well behaved at such places but we have more than once found ourselves in a different town or city where we are only surrounded by pubs and bars not suitable for kids. Do a quick google search for restaurants or places to eat before you go, you don't have to eat there if you find something better but you do have a backup plan! You'll thank me when you have a hungry kid and you are aimlessly driving round and circles trying to find a place to eat! 

4. Pack extras! Pack extra underwear, socks, pants, shoes etc etc! Who knows what will happen this may save you from having to buy extra underwear if the little one has an accident (been there too)!

5. Take a day pack! If you are on an outing and venture away from your accommodation a day pack can be a life saver! I take one everywhere now and it has always been useful. In a kids day pack I take a change of clothes, water bottle, snacks, wet wipes (useful for so many things!) and maybe some form of bribery if you get desperate! 

I love to travel and this love has only increased since I had my daughter, it can be fun and enjoyable. Planning is key and keeping your little one in the loop on what's going on helps too. 

Happy Travels 

Robin xx


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