Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lemon and Mint Sugar Free Cocktails!

Sugar Free Cocktail? Yes Please!

I’m not much of a wine or beer drinker but I do love the occasional cocktail, especially during the summer months. The only issue with them is they normally contain a mountain of sugar which for my health I am trying to avoid, so I’m always looking for sugar and artificial sweetener free alternatives to my favorite things.
For this cocktail I wanted to do something really fresh and refreshing. Firstly I rimmed the glass with lemon juice and sugar, this is definitely just for show so you can bypass this step for a zero sugar cocktail. Then I picked some fresh mint from the garden and picked off 5 or 6 leaves. Then using a muddler or rubbing then between your hands crumple up the mint to release the flavours and pop them in the glass, next I squeezed the juice from 2 very ripe lemons into the glass and added 2 shots of vodka (you could use any clear spirit or skip the alcohol completely to make it a virgin cocktail). You can also add ice now if you like.
Once the base for your cocktail is ready you can top with regular soda water or like me use your SodaStream to get a really clean cocktail. Just fill the bottle up with water add the gas and you get fresh soda water with no other additives!
Garnish with a couple of slices and lemon and it’s that easy!


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