Wednesday, 22 April 2015

For The Love Of Baking!

My mum and I used to bake together all the time, I have very fond memories of making chocolate and banana cake, rice bubble square, hokey pokey, and of course pavlova which is what my mum is best known for!

Now baking is something I love to do with my daughter not only is it educational (science, measurement, math, art etc) it's fun! It's also like a wee tradition that I carry through from what I loved about my childhood.
When I was growing up mum had one cookbook (or at least it's the only one I remember her ever using) and that was Edmonds. To this day it's always the one I reach for first and I use their online recipes all the time!
My scones never last more than 48 hours in my house! 
One of the things I love about the recipes that Edmonds do is that they are really easy to adapt and adjust to what you like. One of my favorites is the scone recipe, I use this for both sweet and savory fillings as well as making scrolls. I have made everything from cheese and onion, marmite and cheese, raspberry jam and white chocolate or the traditional scone topped with jam and cream. It's the simplest scone recipe I have ever made and it's guaranteed to taste amazing every time!

Along with Hachette NZ, Edmonds has brought out a brand new book that is a collection of all the most popular recipes. Some of which I have made, some I haven't but it looks likes I need to if so many other people that love them!

This book would make a great housewarming, engagement or wedding present because everyone needs an Edmonds cookbook at home.

I truly love this book!

Robin xx


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