Monday, 16 March 2015

Why I won't be watching the bachelor!

There are a few reasons I won't be watching the bachelor even though it's based in New Zealand this time around!

Firstly the fact that they "audition"a bunch or women (meaning they check they look good in a bikini), put them in a house to scrap it out over one man. The thought of it is cringe worthy.

Normally these women are very young so I don't really see what the sense of urgency is that they meet someone and then get engaged so quickly.
That leads me to my next point, surely you can't really get to know someone in that limited amount of time with all that distraction and very minimal quality time with just the two of you enough to get engaged at the end of it. I know "But when you know, you just know" but really don't you want to live in the real world for just a little while before you make that kind of commitment.
The show is so manufactured for TV, obviously! They go on all these luxury dates which are a far cry from reality, instead of a date at Starbucks to talk, they are going on helicopter rides over volcanoes. Now obviously once the show is over, you go back to work (usually they live hundreds of kilometres away from each other) the dynamic of the relationship is going to change. It's like they are setting up a relationship with false pretenses of what life will be like with that person. While taking an obvious toll on the women's emotions during that time. You have to ask yourself are they really in love with a man they have really only just met, are they in love with the idea of it, is it about the competition, or are they doing it to get on TV?

Not to say it can't work out, I think the first ever bachelor and his wife are still together years and years later which is amazing! But more often than not it turns into a big publicity stunt, sometimes someone will get a spin off or some extra TV time, a magazine feature whatever but a show about finding your one true love it is not. It's more a show of how bitchy other women can treat each other while fighting for one mans attention. It directly compares women to each based on looks, personality and how crazy they are (because there have been some real crazies over the years!). The idea that 25 or however many women there are go into a house meet a guy see him for 10 minutes the first night then claim to be in love with him seems pretty ridiculous. I also think the idea of pinning women against each other in this kind of way does nothing for the idea that women are meant to build each other up instead of putting each other down.

I'm not saying don't go on it, don't watch it or that it's horrendous I'm just saying I won't be watching!

Robin x


  1. i think the only reason women want to be on the show is for publicity. that's it. most are beautiful young women who would no problem finding love in the real world. either that or the whole thing is staged

    1. Agreed! To each their own but it's not my kind of thing at all! Popping over to your blog now :)


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