Thursday, 26 February 2015

Finding balance working from home!

Being a work form home parent has challenges all of it's own. Yes it is nice to be with your kids all the time but how much time are you actually spending with them and when are you just coexisting?

Finding balance between work, kids, housework (ugh) and other daily activities is in itself the biggest challenge as a working from home parent. I'm sorry there is no magical formula that makes everything slide into place perfectly but I will share with you some tips on how you can make it a bit easier! 

Schedule: I don't mean minute by minute divide up your time, but have at least 2 days a week were you don't work. Your business will not fall apart. Schedule your social media so it will be active on your days off, it's that easy! Don't turn on the computer, don't reply to emails. This is 100% necessary if you are going to be active and enjoy your family!

Pay Attention: If your kids play sport or have an activity they go to where you sit on the slideline, DO NOT use this time to txt, answer emails or work. This is something your kid will remember, they want you to watch, they want you to take an interest in what they are doing. 

Routine: Keeping a routine is important for both work and family. If there is a time of day were your kids really need you- put the work away. If there are times of the day where the family are all busy doing their own thing use that time to reply to emails and do work stuff. I found separating the two worked so much better than trying to do both at the same time.

Outsource: If it's getting too much, or their just isn't enough time to do everything and you feel like putting your hands in the air and giving up, it's time to outsource. Think of all the things you have to do each day, pick your favorites and see if you can outsource the rest. If it's the cleaning (yes you can outsource that and it is amazing!!) accounting, hiring a virtual assistant to respond to emails, you can pretty much outsource anything other than yourself! 

Childcare: Time with your kids is all about quality not quantity! If business is taking up so much of your time consider a childminder in the way of daycare, kindy, nanny, babysitter or even a family member. Whatever works for you, this means your kids will have a great time while you get all the work done and then you can spend some really awesome quality time together. 

You are a parent first!: Above all else you are a parent, if your child needs you and you have deadlines to meet we often feel torn. Allow yourself more time to get things done so you have some leeway if life happens. 
Stop and smell the roses every now and again! 

Being a WAHM really is amazing! I have loved being a stay at home mum and building a business at the same time! 

Share with me your best tips on time management! I am a serial procrastinator so need all the help I can get!! 

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Robin xx


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