Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why I Blog?

The blogging community is growing rapidly here in New Zealand but is still quite small and a lot of people don't understand it or understand the possible opportunities that can come from blogging. I thought I would share some reasons why I blog.

I like having my own little spot on the internet where I can talk about whatever I want! I love to write but hate being edited! In primary school I wrote a play that my friends and I performed at assembly. (My dad has a video of it somewhere that I am so pleased is not on the internet!)
I used to write poems, stories, plays and songs it was my own little place of expression and I loved it. That was until intermediate where I first shared a very personal poem for a school assignment and my teacher tried to change and edit it. I felt oddly violated because they weren't just words they were my feelings and I didn't feel comfortable with someone trying to change those. I didn't write for a long time until I discovered the world of blogging and vlogging. Most bloggers I knew of were blogging about makeup or travel or fashion. I didn't fit into any of these categories, it was then that I discovered YouTube and vloggers. These guys would turn on a camera and talk about anything and everything. I thought this was a category I fit into, the one marked OTHER. I thought I would do this with my blog.

Blogging and writing is a real creative outlet for me, it is also challenging which I love. In my blogging journey I have already learnt so much about the internet. I never took a computer class at highschool so the world of SEO, coding, social media and networking really is a foreign language . I have also learnt a lot more about photography with both blogging and my handmade business but blogging enables me to be able to explore it more.

The other reason I blog is because I am a stay at home mum with one daughter in a rural town. For someone who went from working full time with loads of people to being home alone with my sidekick almost 24/7 was quite a shock to my social life! Then we moved away from friends and family and the desire to connect with people was even stronger. Through blogging I have met some awesome people both online and in person. Making connections with other like minded people has really been the best thing about blogging for me, having great conversations with people who really get what you are trying to do and have similar goals has been amazing for me. I don't have any friends locally who blog so being able to connect with bloggers all over New Zealand and around the world has really been a great experience. It's also a way for me to document what is going on in my life not just in photo. I am able to write about how I was feeling, thinking, dreaming in that moment.

Along with learning a bunch of cool new skills blogging is also helping me step out of my comfort zone. Putting yourself out there on the internet opens you up to the criticism of the world. I have also written about some things that have been hard to talk about but then you get that one person who says something has helped them or made them realise something about their own life and it makes it so worth it. To be quite honest I have a tough skin, rude comments don't bother me, it's that putting yourself in front of the camera, sharing your thoughts, dreams and faults publicly that is hard!

Blogging has also helped me secure freelance writing jobs and boost my confidence in writing to the stage where I now want to take things further and possibly study towards my communication degree. Sure I could decide I don't want to blog anymore if it stops being fun but time is never wasted if we are doing what we love!

As you can see blogging for me isn't about ego or "HEY LOOK AT ME" there are so many reasons why I do it and why I love it.

If you blog tell me what you love most about it!


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  1. Nice to meet you, Robin. You are so right about being forced out of your comfort zone by blogging - sometimes I HATE that bit about it!! I've been blogging for almost five years and it's truly enhanced my life. It makes me happy and it makes me a better person. x


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