Friday, 16 January 2015

Reasons I Live Rural!

We moved to a small rural town almost 2 years ago. It was a bit to get used to and it was sad to leave friends and family but further down the track I'm so pleased we made the move. Here are the main reasons I love living rural.

  • Bigger sections, in town now it can be tough to find a decent sized section. For us with dogs and cats we wanted a space big enough for everybody! When you buy rural the sections are much bigger because they haven't been cut in half to fit another house.
  • Peace and quiet! On our street there are only about 4 houses around us. There isn't much traffic and during the day the only thing you hear is the odd sheep and a very confused rooster. 
  • Houses are cheaper! This is the main reason why we moved, we saved over $200,000 by buying rural instead of in town, yes there is a commute but it's only 20 minutes so the saving is well worth it! 
  • Sense of community. In the city we never knew our neighbors, you may smile at them if you see them but that's as far as the relationship goes. The first week we moved here we had about 4 different churches come and introduce themselves and invite us (we are not church people but appreciate the gesture) The neighbours on either side came and said hello and we have a really good relationship with one of them. 
  • Quiet nights! When we lived in the city there was always someone having a party! In the small town we lived in before we moved here there was constantly someone blasting music, not I'm not a prude people party I get that but this was on the weirdest nights. Like on a Tuesday night it would start at 1am and go right through until I left for work at 7am. Now we might hear someone's music once a month at the most which is perfectly acceptable! 
  • Not so many take-aways! We have a fish'n' chip shop but other than that there is no takeaways here. This has definitely made me more organised in making dinners and it has helped out wallets too! 

Now I know it's not all roses there are some down sides to living rural so I better not be too biased
and be really honest. Here are the cons.
  • The damn roosters!!
  • Living further away from family has been one of the hardest things to get my head around, I know it's only 20 minutes but it does make it harder to pop round for a cuppa for have your family visit you.
  • No supermarket! We do have a very well stocked 4square but it is 20 minutes away to the nearest supermarket. 
  • Public transport- In the town I used to live in there was basic public transport into town, not always reliable but it was there so it made it easy to jump on a bus and go into the city for the day. Living rural there is no public transport, I will say this is something I was surprised about and something I wish I had checked out before we moved here. 

So what would you choose the city or rural living? 

If I were to choose again I would choose a small town, with a supermarket, public transport and more entertainment.


Robin xx


  1. I grew up in the countryside in the UK, in many ways that was the best of both worlds. Lots of space, greenery, and it was peaceful. Being the UK though, the nearest town was only ten minutes away. I do miss green space when I'm in a city though.

    1. That sounds amazing! I have always wanted to visit the UK. I often think about moving to a big city but the thought of living in a shoebox or having no yard put me off that idea really quickly!


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