Sunday, 25 January 2015

Market checklist!

I have seen many market checklists lots of which say you require a lot more things than you would ever use (much like a maternity hospital bag) so here is my list.....

Stock (obviously)
You may also want to take a photo album or photos of made to order products or current designs incase they sell out!
All display equipment
Change, cashbox, portable eftpos or debt card reader or app. 
Shopping bags for purchases
Notebook for orders as mentioned here
Gazebo and weights if outdoors (I will do a post about how to set up outdoors soon too)
Extra price tags 
Lunch and a thermos of hot water, tea coffee etc. This will save you a lot of money instead of buying lunch and coffee all the time. Especially if you are manning your stall on your own and can't get away. 
Camera or phone- to take some lovely snaps of your stand to post on social media! 

And that's it! Small, easy and really basic. There's no need to over complicate it obviously you may have some specific requirements depending on your stall but this is a standard basic list! Don't forget your smile and check out our other "Craft business" posts to help you take your craft business to the next level!
How to make the most of a craft fair! 
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How to choose what craft markets you attend!

If there is any other craft business topics you would like me to talk about leave a comment below and I will put it on my list! 

Robin x


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