Thursday, 1 January 2015

Meet Coco!!

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed a new family member! This is Coco she is a springer spaniel x collie who's mum and dad had a very unconventional love story!
Dad was the prized hunting dog who fell in love with one of the sheep dogs, the owners tried to separate them but after he dug under her locked kennel 8 gorgeous puppies arrived soon after!

It's quite hard to get photos of her at the moment because she is always bouncing around but she is very cute with her big floppy spaniel ears! We haven't started actually training her yet but within a couple of days she already knew her name and now comes when we call her which is a great start! She also has no signs of being an escape artist yet! Abby loves her, the other dog tolerates her and the cats aren't fond of her yet but we'll see how this develops over the coming weeks but I'm sure everyone will learn how to get along! 

Do you have any fur babies? Tell me about them!

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