Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas 2014

I thought I should probably do a Christmas Day post. Our Christmas is normally filled with lots of visiting, food and a few gifts!

We have a very large family and it's almost impossible to see everyone in the same day but we try! First thing in the morning we did gifts at our house with just the 3 of us, got ready and headed over to my mums for breakfast. There we saw a majority of my mum's side of the family, my grandma popped in and we got to see my brother and sister and a few of my cousins! This year on my mum's side we decided to do a secret santa because our family is just too big to buy everyone gifts. I received a gorgeous lush gift set from my cousin which I was really happy about and a fragrance from my mum, Chris got a carabiner pocket knife thing from my little brother which he thought was really cool (my brother wanted to get him a crossbow from hunting and fishing but unfortunately it didn't fit in with the $20 budget! Abby got some new dollies, a lush snowman fun (which she has wanted for months) and a few other bits and pieces. Mum also got us 2 buckets of cookie time cookies which are so tasty!

After that we headed over to my sister in laws house for lunch/dinner. My inlaws were there and we had a great time exchanging gifts! Abby got an awesome letter puzzle which we will have lots of fun with and some cute clothes, there were also a lot of lollies in her gifts this year which we have been rationing and that will probably last her until next Christmas!

Both my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law are amazing cooks so the food was amazing as always! I don't eat pork so I had my fill of yummy crunchy potatoes and all of the yummy salads! The pudding was also amazing but feeling as though I had been eating all day I only had a wee bit, it was amazing and having other people do all the cooking is always great too!

One thing that was very important this year was to teach Abby who is now almost 4 about the giving side of Christmas not just the receiving. With her being quite little and our family so big she tends to get a bit spoilt and this girl could want for nothing she already has more than she ever need and it sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty to know she gets so much and other kids get so little. Not just in the Christmas present department but just in life in general. We are very lucky not to have not worry about paying our bills each week and we are pretty comfortable financially. We aren't in by any stretch of the imagination wealthy or rich but we live within our means comfortably. In this being said my husband and I work very hard and have made a lot of sacrifices to make this happen but I can't begin to fathom the amount of families who struggle every day not just to buy things like gifts but also the day to day stuff groceries, bills, rent etc etc. As I sit here my daughter is eating a whole punnet of strawberries for lunch she does this at least 2-3 times a week. Now I buy the same number of punnets every week when they are in season weither they are $6 a punnet or $2 a punnet. It's just not something I worry about. I barely look at the price of our fruit and veg in my mind it costs what it costs we need to eat good healthy food so we just buy it. For a lot of people though this really breaks the bank. I think it has been highlighted a lot recently about what kids take for school lunches and this really breaks my heart. I think it's easy to make assumptions about people's circumstances but the truth of the matter is we really have no idea about what circumstances and events have occurred in these people's lives that have resulted with these hardships.

Anywho I have gone on a massive tangent! The gist is I'm trying not to raise an entitled, spoilt child. I want her to look at making others happy too so we don't really do gifts on the in-laws side we tend to alternate Christmas's and when everyone is together we do a secret Santa and then just things for the kids. But we broke the rules this year and made little jars for everyone. The girls got "Spa Jars" with toiletries and beauties things and the boys got some kind of snack, cashews, peanuts etc. They all loved them and they were very inexpensive!

So that was our Christmas! It was lovely and surprising relaxed. We were all shattered at the end of the day.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/Holiday season and got to spend it with all the people you love!

Robin xx


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