Monday, 29 December 2014


This is not a New Year's resolution list! I repeat I am not making New Year's resolutions!

But I do have goals, I think it's important to have goals, aspirations, dreams etc etc. At the beginning of this year I set myself a goal to de-clutter my life, learn to say no more and spend more quality time with my gorgeous family you can read the whole post HERE . I would say that I have successfully done that with passing over the president's position at Playcentre for 2015 and closing my handmade business which you can read about HERE. With making those things public on the internet it really helped to keep them in the back of my mind this year and I was always checking in with how I was feeling about all of the things that were on my plate this year.

So here are a few of my goals for this year.

Research school options: Abby will be 4 in March I can't believe how fast the past  years have gone and I really have loved every minute of it. The past  years being at home with Abby I have really been able to see her big personality coming out. She's creative, adventurous and is quick to pick up on things that she has a real interest in. She also has absolutely no interest in doing things that she doesn't find exciting. She loves playing outside and loves going on trips. Because of her personality and our situation we are looking into the possibility of homeschooling her. I will do a more in depth post on our reasons behind this later but for this year our goal is to research. By research I mean curriculums, philosophies, timetables and we will also be checking out the local school as well. We aren't making any concrete decisions this year, it's all about research!

Puppy Training: I haven't formally introduced her on the blog yet but we have a new addition to our family! Her name is Coco she is 7 weeks old and by the looks of things she is going to be a tricky monkey! So this year will consist on lots of training, not just for her but also for our almost 4 year old human. We already have a 6 year old dog who Abby loves to pieces and feelings are totally mutual. The introduction of another family member means a total shift in dynamic between everybody in the house. Over the past week we have had jealousy, puppy biting, grumpiness, rough housing (sometimes a little too rough) and everybody has just been finding their own place.

Health: I refuse to have this blog turn into a "Look what I ate today", "I had a bad week, I ate too many TimTams" kind of blog because that really isn't what's going on in my head and I refuse to feel guilty about eating a couple of TimTams! But I am going to focus on my health and make it more of a priority. So I just need to focus on the simple things, drink more water, choose healthier options and get in some vigorous exercise every week.

Create: At this stage of my life I'm not 100% sure of what I want to be when I grow up. I know that I can't think of anything worse than a 8:30-5:30, 6 day a week job and that if things go to plan schooling wise I will be staying home with my daughter for a few years to come so this year I plan to create my future, explore the things I love and figure out what I want in the way of a career. Now with our current position there is no reason why I can't stay at home and not earn an income, we are comfortable financially and there is no pressure on me to get a job or make money. I want this because I love it, I love having something that's just for me and that I can work on by myself. I feel a great sense of satisfaction building something up, seeing it grow and dreaming big!

So there are a few things I will be focusing on this year. Like I said I don't believe in New Year resolution but I do believe in setting yourself goals both long term and short term. So achieve something you must first have a dream and then a plan so this is my plan!

Tell me about yours!

Robin xx


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