Friday, 3 October 2014

Something For the Boys!!

As a mother to a little girl I find it really difficult to buy gifts for my friends with boys, it seems most makers and crafts people generally focus their ranges on girls and those mums' with little boys are left with the boring basics!

Then Tracey told me about her business August Boutique which is an amazing little online boutique which has some of the most gorgeous goodies for babies and children! (Go the end of this article to get a discount code too!)

One of the things I liked about August Boutique is they have a great range of unisex and boys gear which is quite rare in a mostly girl dominated industry. I have a daughter but we purchased unisex items before she was born and found it quite a difficult task! 

I love the little leather shoes, they are super soft, comfortable and don't dig in to babies ankles like other similar shoes can! 

They are lined in a super soft suede so you don't have put them on with socks which is great in the warmer months!  

These little shoes look very upmarket and expensive, I think they would make a great baby shower gift! 

A leather bib is honestly something I have never seen before or used myself so I was interested to see how it would stack up against other bibs I have tried. 

I think it looks fantastic, again very upmarket and boutique looking because its' definitely not something you would see in every run of the mill store.

I love the magnetic closure, I have in the past seen and heard of babies getting nipped by the plastic snaps on the back of their neck. So if you had a super squirmy baby this would be great and I don't know why more bibs aren't like this! 

I think the bib would great for once your baby is eating solid foods especially sticky stuff like fruit, it wipes clean really easily! If you have a baby who is spitting up or has colic it probably isn't the right bib because you do need something with a bit of absorbency. 

It's safe to say I really liked these two items from August Boutique they are different, special, functional and super cute! 

If you would like to grab something from August Boutique for yourself Tracey has kindly given all of our readers 10% off anything on her website! 
All you have to do is enter the code 10Percent at the checkout! Don't take your time though your code will only work until the 16th of October 2014!

Don't forget to check out August Boutique's links!
Or drop them an email at

A huge thank you to August Boutique for making this post possible! 


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