Thursday, 18 September 2014

Craft Business-How to make the most of a craft show!

So you have booked a craft fair, show or expo now what?
Contrary to some belief it's not all up to the show organisers to market, promote and get people in there. Yes you do pay for a stall therefore you do expect them to do marketing etc but in order to get the most out of a craft show you need to do your part in order to make the most of the experience!

Share the show details on all of your social media platforms, encourage your current customers to come and see all the awesome stuff you will be showing and you can also offer them some kind of reward (10% off for facebook fans etc) this isn't necessary but it can help get them in there! 
Its to your benefit if your already loyal customers come and see you at markets because they know your stuff is fantastic, they often bring a friend, and it's really cool to meet customers in the flesh instead of just knowing them via email (this is one of my favorite things ever)! It's to your benefit and everyone else at the show if you encourage everyone you can to attend! Don't forget to share it on your personal accounts but of course be careful about your own security and telling people that you will be away from home! Don't forget to talk about the market with your family and friends who will then tell their family and friends! Word of mouth is one of your most powerful marketing tools!! 

Make your stall look attractive! I will go more into setting up a great looking stall in a later post but for now I will say make it colourful, inviting and have plenty if stock! 

Smile!! I am a firm believer in the power of attitude, to get the most out of a market smile, be friendly and look like you want to be there! If you don't look excited about your products why would anyone else be!! 

Don't be pushy!! A "Hello, how are you?" Is a great way to start if the customer wants to chat, chat if not leave them be! Explain your products and the positive aspects of them whenever the customer seems interested! I personally don't like the 'pull them in' sales approach but I am seeing it more and more at markets from franchised businesses. Again some customers love it others will run a mile being able to read people is a great skill and something you will learn more about the more markets you go to!

Some of the amazing customers I have met along the way! 

Have something for the customer to take away with them, a business card or a flyer etc. yes probably 89% of these end up at the bottom of a handbag to be thrown out in 6 months time however if you urge people when they pick up a card to follow your social media and they do you have just gained another fan and every time they interact with your page all of their friends will see it too!  Have noticed a lot recently that businesses are not providing marketing material as such and telling people their business card is on the packaging and they have to purchase to get the business card. I personally don't understand it, yes it may encourage a few people to buy but it also means that people who don't leave with nothing and no way of interacting with your business after the show is finished. Yes you do save money but printing is so cheap now I don't understand why you wouldn't! Have them set around your products and don't forget to pop one in whenever someone purchases too! 

Take custom orders on show day! This is something I was really hesitant on doing when I first started now I do and I have at least one custom order to send after the show is done. Make sure you get yourself organised though as this is also a very good way of letting people down! Get yourself a notebook for custom orders, write down in detail what they are wanting size, colour etc and don't forget their name and a form of contact as well as their address to send it to. Let the customer know how long it will take and if you choose to take money on the day and ship later make sure the customer also has your details to contact you! 

Like I mentioned I am planning on doing an in depth stall set up post which I think will be really helpful using a 3mx3m size which is standard stall size at most markets that I have attended. 

Good luck with your market! Remember to make the most of it!

Robin x


  1. Fabulous advice. My business now is not suited to markets but I have done them in the past and your advice certainly rings true from then.

    1. Thanks so much Keryn! It's great to know I'm on the same track as other NZ businesses!


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