Monday, 7 July 2014

This week in Photos!

This week was pretty awesome! Our main highlight was travelling down to Wellington and going to the zoo!
Abby loves animals especially lions and tigers so seeing them in the flesh was pretty much a dream come true for her!

The lion enclosure was under construction as was a lot of the zoo but it was still a great trip! After that we spent the afternoon at Te Papa which Abby also loved! 

I didn't get many photos there because my point and shoot camera didn't like the lighting! 

We had a fabulous trip, I find it so rewarding taking Abby places she's never been before and watching what she does, what she likes and having kids is a great reason to get out and about! In saying that my husband and I went to wellington before we were parents and spent 4 hours at Te Papa with just the two of us!!

I hope you all had a great week, tell me what you did in the comments I would love to hear about what activities you like to do! 

Robin x


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