Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kiwi Mummy Blog Review Vitarium Sugar Free Drink Mix

The team at Kiwi Mummy Blogs kindly sent these brand new products to review that will be on shelves soon. After receiving them a couple of weeks ago my family and I have been testing them out. I was particularly interested because of the fact that they were sugar free. My daughter who is now 3 loves drinking chocolate both hot and cold and while we use very little of it it does still contain a fair bit of sugar.

The drinking mix is made by Vitarium I got to try out their Super Duper Banana, Crazy Dark Chocolate and Berry Yum Strawberry. There wasn't a flavour we didn't like, they were all yummy and true to the flavours we recognise when it comes to flavoured milk. The directions state to add 4 teaspoons to a 250ml glass and add milk, we did find that this made it a bit too sweet for us and that 2 teaspoons was enough to give the milk a yummy flavour.

My daughter's favorite was the strawberry especially when we turned it into a Frappe by blending it with ice! It was a great treat for her and it was great knowing we weren't giving her something saturated in sugar!

We also tried the Crazy Dark Chocolate mix hot as an alternative to drinking chocolate and we haven't brought our usual drinking chocolate since. I know that Vitarium is bringing out a hot chocolate mix which we will definitely be trying.

As well as using it as a drinking mix I have also mixed it into pain yogurt to flavour it which Abby seems to like a lot too. Making the yogurt way better for her without all of the hidden sugar!

I cant wait to try the Vitarium products as an alternative for other sugar based flavours in baking they have a ton of recipes Here that use their products instead of sugar! I think it would make great ice blocks in the summer!

I think the thing that sold me on these were that not only were they sugar free they were free of artificial sugars too which in my opinion are worse, also with no aspartame, no artificial colours or additives I felt that I was getting something that is a far better alternative to other treats for both me and my daughter!

*This post was not sponsored all opinions are my own. The products were gifted to me by Kiwi Mummy Blogs and Vitarium.


  1. Fabulous that they are sugar free and sugar substitute free. That is definitely a win-win. I'll be watching out for those.

    1. I love that they are free of artificial sweeteners! I must say they will be something I re-purchase!


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