Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A letter to my 3 year old.

Dear Miss 3,

I love you, I think you know that. I think you feel the love I give you when I give you cuddles and kisses and push you on the swings. I think you know that I love you when I tuck you in at night and read you stories. I think you know that I love you when we are having fun. It is the most rewarding amazing thing in the world to have a little person call you mum, to wrap their arms around you and say "I love you mummy". This is amazing, it makes me so overwhelmed with happiness that I feel everything in that moment is just perfection. 

Do you also know that I love you when things aren't going your way? When I say no to that lolly pop it is because I am making sure you don't eat too much sugar and I am trying to teach you about healthy eating habits, when I say no to that toy in the shop it is because I am trying to teach you the value of money and that you can't always have everything you want. When I tell you to go and play when you are shy it is not because I am trying to pressure you, I am trying to give you your independence and the confidence to do something by yourself. 

I love you my darling girl and that is why sometimes I say no, because I have the responsibility as your mother to teach you and prepare you for the world. To make sure I do everything in my power to help you become the person you will one day want to be. Now that is a lot of responsibility I mean I've never done this before! 

Do you know the other day when you threw a tantrum in town I was just as upset as you were and it took everything in my power not to sit down on the floor and cry with you? 
When you are sick are I look at those big eyes telling me "Mummy I'm sick" all I want to do is bundle you up and make you feel better. 

To me motherhood has been amazing I love being your mum and I think you are pretty fantastic! I love watching you grow and you are going to do some pretty awesome things! 

Love Mummy xx


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