Monday, 26 May 2014


When you work from home the biggest hurdle is motivation. That get up and go is so important and the most vital thing when running a business from home, the allure of pj days and fluffy slippers can be oh so appealing especially in winter!

I am not immune to this! I am generally a very motivated person when it comes to getting things done but with winter well in truly here I find myself in hibernation mode. I mean to sit down and work but the idea of doing some baking with my daughter or cuddling up reading books appeals to me much more than making stock or doing accounts! I have so many blog posts to share with you and awesome stuff in the works but the motivation to sit down and get them done just isn't there right now! 

I don't know if I can exclusively blame the weather although this is definitely part of it! My family is in the middle of a transition period and I myself am in a crossroads where my future and goals are unclear and undetermined which in itself I find very difficult. I love goals and deadlines it helps me get things done, stay focused and be motivated. I also think I may be a bit worn out, Vintage Spice is now in its 3rd year and I think I need a bit of a rest! I've become a borderline insomniac with a very confused body clock and I really need to sort that out for my long term health and sanity! 

So I think I will take a little bit of break, cut myself some slack and set myself some goals! However this isn't always easy. I have 3 markets in the next 3 weeks and they have totally snuck up on me so for the next 3 weeks at least I shall truck on but after that I think I'm going to take a break and get some other things non- business related sorted! 


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