Sunday, 11 May 2014

International Blog Hop!

Crazy Mother Crafter took part in an international blog hop! This is where another blogger commandeers another blog for one post. This time we blog hopped with Tammy in the UK here is her post!

Hi my name is Tammy, I'm a 32 year old, married mom of 3. I have 2 boys JR who is 5 and TP who is 3 and I also have a gorgeous little girl LA who is 20 months. By the way those aren't their real names, just their initials.

For the last 16 months I have written a parenting blog called 'Me and the tiny 3'. When I first started to blog I thought that nobody would want to read what I had written but it that didn't and still doesn't matter to me, I write to keep a record of my life with my children. 

JR has just started full time school, and that has been the subject of a few posts especially when he is struggling and I need some advice.
LA has special dietary needs, and can't have any cows milk products, she has also had a few hospital stays so I blogged my way through those too. 

I have recently started accepting product reviews and paid content on my blog, an aspect of blogging which came as a pleasant surprise to me.
I hope that I've introduced my self sufficiently enough for you to come and visit my little piece of cyberspace
I look forward to hosting CrazyMotherCrafter on my blog too. All my links are below!


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