Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Daughter's Princess Party.

With lots of things going on last month with family and such we decided to postpone my daughter's 3rd birthday party and combine it with my sister's 7th birthday which is later on in the month.

We decided on a pink and purple princess theme to please both girls and I decided to take care of all the food and the cake.

The Cake

For the cake I constructed a 2 tier cake covered in butter cream and then fondant topped with modling fondant roses and a a crown for the top.

The bottom tier was chocolate and the top was vanilla. Once the cakes were baked and cool I iced them with a very basic vanilla butter cream icing and then covered them in fondant!

I had never done fondant on a cake before so I decided to buy pre-made white fondant from Rosebowl Bakery along with some gel food colouring so I could colour it myself. I also brought the modeling fondant from there too.

The crown was the biggest challenge and something way out of my comfort zone, the first one broke because I hadn't 'glued' the pieces together well enough but I gave it another go and it worked! It held together so well and made the cake look a lot more impressive. I drenched the whole thing in edible glitter because everything is better with glitter and added some modeling fondant roses that I made.

Here is the tutorial I used to make the crown Click Here the only things I did differently was I used a modeling fondant not gumpaste and I used water to stick the pieces together not the special edible glue they use. The only thing with using water is you really have to make sure they are stuck really well.

Here is the tutorial I used for the roses Click Here they were super easy just make sure you have dusted your surface really well before hand so they don't stick to the bench.

The fondant cover wasn't perfect but for a first ever attempt and all done in one day baking included I think it was alright and the girls were none the wiser!

The Food

I'm not big on lots of junk food for kids, yes it is a birthday party but it doesn't all have to be all rubbish!

Firstly I made marshmallow rice bubble treats- Melt marshmallows in the microwave and mix in the rice bubbles and put into cupcake cases. Wet your hands when you mold them into shape or you will end up in one sticky marshmallow mess!
I also brought little iced biscuits from my local ethnic supermarket just because they are tiny and cute!

Next I used a star shaped cookie cutter to make star shaped pineapple and put them on a kabab stick to make 'Magic Wands'- these were so popular!

We had popcorn, sandwiches and cupcakes. Jelly and banana pudding made in plastic mini wine glasses to fit in with the theme and to drink fruit infused water both watermelon and orange along with some chopped up fruit.

So yes I am that mum who serves water at a birthday party but those kids were excited enough as it was and they definitely didn't need any more sugar!

The Outcome 

The party ended with 2 very excited, happy and tired girls who loved their birthday party. I felt a huge sense of relief that it was over and pleased that I had finally given my daughter a party 3 weeks after her actual birthday!


  1. Love the cake. It's looks great. No one would guess it was a first attempt.

    1. Thanks so much Keryn, I credit it to watching far too many baking shows!

  2. Wow such a gorgeous party! I've always wanted to put together a party for girls!

    1. Having a little girl is so much fun!

  3. Thanks Keryn, It has made me want to try more new things in the way of cake decorating too!


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