Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kids Bedding Round Up!

After recently purchasing a new duvet set for me and my hubby's bed I decided my daughter's bed could also use updating! Right now she has a purple Tinkerbell one and although it's pretty it's beginning to look a little faded and also prompted by seeing Cotton On's new kids room range I decided to have a look online at what else was available!

First at Cotton On Kids I really liked their polka dot duvet cover but would have liked it more if it were purple on the reverse or even a yellow or green. The only option is blue so I decided to feature their raindrop cover instead. I think it is cute and modern without being in your face girly! A girl's room can only tolerate so much pink it's nice to have alternatives!
Find It Here

Tea Pea New Zealand have a small range of kids duvets and I especially like this Stag cover set! If I had a boy this would be top of my list! Stags are big at the moment but in our house being that my husband likes to hunt them I would say the kids would think this is pretty cool! 

This last one is from a website I have never seen before until today http://www.gorgi.co.nz has a really great range of plain coloured duvet covers-they are so hard to find anywhere else!! But I chose to feature this quilt. It's classic girly and would be a great feature to any little girls bedroom! They also have some mood boards on their website to help you put a whole room together! I would recommend this site if you are renovating your kids room so many great tools to help you along the way! 

I still haven't chosen what kind of 'look' I want for my daughter's room with her being 3 she is right into Monster's Ink, Snow White and lions however in a couple of years she would have no doubt (if she is anything like her mother) changed her mind on those so I am looking to have something classic and timeless that with changing a couple inexpensive pieces can grow with her.

Do you have a theme for your kids rooms or have you kept it simple and sweet? 

Robin x 


  1. Love the raindrops cover! My daughters room doesnt really have a theme unless pink in a theme lol. She doesnt really have alot of decor as such, he main decor item I suppose is her duvet cover which at the moment is my little pony. Its alot easier to change a duvet when she out grows it than it is for lots of other things :)

  2. Thanks for sharing some great finds!

  3. Great finds. Thanks so much for sharing these sites with us.

  4. Love the raindrops one, will also look at the site where you can use a mood board, will be decorating all the kids rooms soon....


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