Saturday, 8 March 2014

Easy UpDo!

I got one of these hair donuts/ bun holders whatever you like to call them a while ago and I wore it out! I used it almost on a daily basis to throw my hair up and make it look like I had put some effort in! Today I decided to have a play with it in a different way on my sisters hair.

She has very fine, curly and as you will see very frizzy hair that tangles quickly, so most of the time she wears it up.

Firstly I combed her hair using a Tangle Teaser, then worked in some smoothing cream through the ends of her hair first and then towards her scalp.

Next I sectioned the hair in half securing the top half in a ponytail.

After that I slid the hair donuts over the ponytails I used one from Equip for under $10. Shape the hair around the donuts and secure with a hair tie.

Next I sectioned the remaining hair down the middle with a comb.

I then twisted the hair up and around the bun securing it with a bobby pin. 

Doing the same to the other side this do is done!

I finished this look off with a gorgeous clip from Vintage Spice to dress it up some more. 

This look would be great for a flower girl, bridesmaid or any dressed up occasion! Super easy but looks interesting and sophisticated! 


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