Thursday, 20 February 2014

Raw for a week?

Both hubby and I have decided to go raw for a week. We have been eating a lot of heavy meals, roasts, pasta etc and way too much sugar and I am not feeling good for it.

We have been talking about people who are vegans and only eat fresh fruit, veg and nuts, I told hubby I wouldn't miss the meat but I would miss things like bread and of course caramel lattes! Hubby thinks he can do it no sweat, despite eating a second dinner of bacon sandwiches tonight! He says hes loading up!

So why raw? There are so many theories about what you should and shouldn't eat that my brain goes fuzzy thinking about them all so we figure raw is a great place to start. Are we doing it to loose weight- not really but hey it cant hurt! It's more of a challenge! My will power to stay away from a TimTam is pretty low and I have never really stuck at anything. I love running and yoga once I get into routine but it all means nothing when I sit down with a choccie bickie and a caramel latte at night while writing blog posts! Which may or may not be what I am doing now!

With previous health scares and continuing medical stuff being 'healthy' is something that has been weighing on my mind. Do I want to be the 50kg size 6 16 year old I was when I met my husband no I was unhealthy then too. I don't have a weight or size goal because I do truly believe those are just numbers. I am 161.5cm tall (yes the .5 matters!) so I am on the shorter side of life and I am happy with that, I actually like it!

I feel this is a great way to challenge myself and documenting it in the blog is a great way to keep me accountable. My amazing hubby will be giving it a crack too whether he gets a steak pie at lunchtime or McDonald's on the way home from work is yet to be seen but he reckons he will be able to do it easy as so I thought I would hold him to it!

I'm thinking we will be living on a lot of smoothies, salads and fresh fruit salad with probably not much of anything else! Obviously we won't be forcing our daughter (3) to partake, she already eats plenty of fruit and vegies but of course she will still be having dairy and meat to keep things normal for her and sustain her balanced diet.

Have you ever gone raw? Are you a vegan, vegetarian? If you are please leave some meal ideas down below! I will update you every day as to how its going for both me and hubby!

Robin x

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  1. I changed my eating style 1.5 yrs ago to Slow Carb ( and love it:-)


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