Thursday, 20 February 2014

A hand Cream for Crafters!?

 I have used hundreds on hand creams over the years from high end super expensive ones to ones from the body shop, lush and of course pharmacy brands because that's where I used to work. I have always been very suspicious of supermarket brands I've never brought many beauty related items from the supermarket. There was a time I brought everything including things like deodorant from a pharmacy. So supermarket brands are some what new to me and over the last 6 months I have been trying to find more affordable substitutes to my beauty products. On a whim last week I picked up this hand cream from Vaseline, I am very pleased to say I was really surprised by it! Other cheaper brands I have tried (and some more expensive brands too) are really greasy and leave an oily residue on your hands for ages after you apply it. So much so that I end up washing my hands again to get rid of it! 

Being a crafter you spend so much of your time working with your hands and as a mother I spend a lot of time washing my hands so they do tend to get a bit dry and sometimes my skin feels tight because it's lacking moisture.
When I am working I need to have clean dry hands so to not mark anything I am working with so most of the time this means I don't use any kind of creams or lotions on my hands. However with this one I can apply it and it is dry within a few seconds!! I apply an almond sized amount to the back of my hand then work it into my cuticles and then onto the palms of my hands, then it's dry! The scent is pleasant, you don't need a lot of it- however I do like to use it all the time because it leaves my hands so soft! I have been really surprised by this little hand cream! It's a smaller size than the high end ones I usually get so it's easier to carry in my bag and guess what it's under $5!!!! I will be purchasing this again for sure I have found my new favorite hand cream and I won't be waiting $30-$50 on more expensive ones which really aren't as good! 

Well done Vaseline! You have converted me to a supermarket product! I am still however not convinced by the facial cleansers, toners and moisturisers from the supermarket I have tried so if anyone has any recommendations please post them below in the comments section! 


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