Sunday, 12 January 2014

Time for Sensible Shoes??

Like 90% of other women out there I love shoes! I have quite a collection of shoes however most of  them are rarely worn. 
Surprisingly I don't get to wear my 5 inch heels much since I work from home, have a toddler and most weeks my outings consist of taking my daughter to Playcentre and doing the groceries! While I do go out for dinner and events these occasions are far fewer than they used to be.

So this year I have decided to be more practical with my shoe decisions, to buy shoes that are comfortable and stylish instead of buying shoes that look good but give me golf ball sized blisters after an hour or two! I have trawled the internet for some more realistic and affordable shoes that don't make me look my high school principal!

Shop Nude Sandals
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These sandals from Hannah's are like jandals but more sophisticated which is great for a busy mum who is normally throwing something on at the very last minute and because these come in nude they match most outfits which is even better! 

Shop Here.
Great run around shoes for doing errands, taking Abby to the park and Playcentre. Easy to wear with leggings or jeans and I do love this colour! 

Shop Here.
These are adorable! Great with a summer dress or cropped jeans, easy to wear yet they make you look like you have made an effort! So affordable and they come in a ton of colours! 

I think a shopping trip for me is in order especially for those nude sandals! 
Have a great day lovely people 

Robin x


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