Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to Write Succinct Engaging Questions

So, how can we engage our customers, Facebook Likers or anyone else for that matter?

It really is about writing it right. You need just the right number of words, particularly on social media platforms. For one, you don't have a lot of character space, and two, your audience wants information quickly - very quickly! On social media platforms your viewers are moving from one page or post to the next at an astounding rate.

As always there are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. Eliminate the small words from your question whenever possible.
2. Keep it simple. Don't ask too many things in one post - if you have more than one subject, make it more than one question, or more than one post.
3. Make sure your question is quick and easy to read.

Okay... so here is an example of what I am talking about:

Is it easier for my lovely likers to purchase straight off Facebook by commenting sold on the items and then organising payment privately than going to the website? Im considering opening the option up again after several people have had commented that they have limited access to the internet. 
Your opinion matters

How do you prefer to buy, by commenting 'SOLD' on Facebook then arranging payment privately, or via a website?
Do you prefer to buy, (a) by commenting 'SOLD' on Facebook then arranging payment privately, or (b) via a website?
What's your online purchasing preference? Facebook or website? I'd love your feedback. 
Purchasing Poll: Do you prefer to purchase via Facebook or website? 

The most important thing here is to edit your work. Read it and re-read it, then re-write it until it flows, and is succinctly simple.

And... have fun with your words! 

You can always call in kathryn@thebusinesswriter if you need help!



  1. The Re-reading bit is what I need to work on. Thank you for highlighting :-)

    1. I'm glad you found it a good reminder Aj.

  2. Oh I can definitely recommend re-reading your posts, before posting. Most of the time, my posts don't flow the first time I write them, but after a bit of editing it comes to life!

    1. Krystal it sounds as though you are doing a great job with your posts coming to life after a re-read and edit. Well done.


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