Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Abby Loves! #1

My daughter Abby will be 3 at the beginning of March and I thought it would be fun to document the things she is into every week. Books, toys, activities, movies etc
A sort of Abby diary to see how her interests grow and develop as she grows. 

So here is what Abby loves this week..........................

  1. Blowing Bubbles! Abby got quite a few bottles of bubbles for Christmas and has been loving them!
2. Tea Parties! For Christmas she was lucky enough to recieve a china tea set from her Grandma and she has been loving it ever since! Every day we sit down and have tea together and we even went out to have a real cup of tea well she had a fluffy!
3. Throwing Stones at the river! Today we went for our first real trip to the river and when I say trip I mean its like 4 minutes away from our house, and when I say first I mean we have been before but she was either too little, too cold or just didn't really want to have a bar of it. This time she really got into and I have to say throwing stones was the best part! 
This was my favorite picture from today.

4. The Polar Express! Being that Christmas has just passed the Christmas movies have all been on TV we let Abby watch The Polar Express and she has been asking for it ever since. I must say it isn't my favorite Christmas movie I think in some parts it's actually a touch creepy! But she loves it every time she's tired she asks for the train movie!

This is what usually happens 10 minutes in....

5. Scattercat!! For Abby's second birthday she was gifted the set of Lynley Dodd books Scattercat is by far her (and Daddy's) favorite! She loves animals, particularly cats so this book ticks all the right boxes for her. The rhyming, the language, the tone of the book all make it so much fun to read and also to listen to! I especially love hearing little giggles coming from the bedroom at story time!

I think those are the main things she has been loving this week and I will share more with you next week! 

Robin x


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